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Christian Prayer: How to do the Prayer -

Christian Prayer: How to do the Prayer

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In this article I reveal how and why I pray, whether it is for a dramatic event or when everything seems to be going well. I have discovered a form of inner freedom through prayer in the name of the Lord God and all Christian saints. This is to thank God for bringing health to me, my family and all those in need. But also so that he may forgive me for a sin I have committed in the past.

So here are all the things you need to know for the realization of your 7-point prayer.

1- Why Pray: Meaning of Prayer

a- Daily Prayer

I have no particular step or path when I begin a prayer session. In fact, I almost always begin with the same things: praying for my wife and son to fulfill their wishes for the day and I do the same for myself. I pray for the challenges of the day or days to come. I need to surrender everything to God and leave with his peace, to recognize that I need him, that my family needs him by bowing on my knees. This is the first part where I don't have to think too much. These are the subjects that are close to my heart, that come to my mind instantly and that concern the greater part of my existence.

In the second part of my prayer, it is a way of speaking because I do not divide the time in two, I pass from one to the other in a natural way. I pray for a specific subject. For example, on Tuesdays I pray especially for my wife beyond the topics and challenges of her week. Each day there is a particular theme (husband, child, work, friends...). I pray for the topics for disastrous events that take place a few days before. I also let myself be carried away by prayer by praying for all the other things that come to mind.

As the days are busy, I chose to take 20 minutes for this sacred moment. It's not much and at the same time it's enough. Not much because I think that in a whole day it should be possible to pray longer for the Lord or a Christian saint. But considering the number of tasks that there are to be done during a day, 20 minutes is meant to be a relatively sufficient time in the modern world in which we live being very hectic. That said, the little time we have to devote to prayer makes this moment even more precious!

b- Reason for Praying

Do you know your objective? Often prayer accompanies a ritual, which gives a purpose to the prayer. It can be a long fire-burning ceremony offering sacrifices to ensure the good luck of the coming season. It can be a simple, thoughtful statement in thanksgiving for a meal. There is no need to ask, plead, ask questions or give thanks, it is also a moment of appreciation. Prayer can be a conversation, but it does not have to be. Some religions appreciate prayer as an opportunity for intellectual contemplation. Moreover, prayer is not about you but rather about a subject of life or an event that has taken place not so long ago.


2- The Benefits of Prayer 

On days when I take 20 minutes to pray I am always more fit and more effective in my tasks to do than on days when I do not pray. I have been doing this for years and it has become a source of positive energy! I am less stressed, more relaxed, not that problems are solved but just the assurance that God will do what he thinks is right. I am more rested and my trust in God is growing. I experience trials differently and moments of prayer strengthen me in difficult times. When I don't, I miss it very much and I feel bad inside my soul.

We often talk about the mental burden of women who have to think about everything, manage the family organization and are always thinking, etc. Since my wife also started praying for at least 20 minutes a day, the mental stress of a day evaporates.

So is it useful and should one as a Christian of the religion pray regularly? I would say yes! By praying all the good things in life come together! Your relationship with God grows, the relationship you have with your family improves and everyone in the house feels happier. Countless times we go to church to pray for the Holy Spirit accompanied by God's faithful followers and in religion. We pray hand in hand and we hear the good word of the gospel transmitted by the priest of the church.

3- Prayer Union

We all need a moment of hope and faith in our lives. More than we can imagine! We need to regularly open our hearts, stop running, and present our burdens and those of others. (Philippians 4:6) We need to open our hearts regularly, stop running, and present our burdens and those of others. (Philippians 4:6) Pray for our hearts and also listen to God. I believe that when we lay down our burdens, things appear in a new way, and then an obvious solution appears to us. Prayer submits our soul to God. It is a time when we want only the will of the Holy Spirit to be done and our heart to be guided by the way and the path of eternal life.

I am always amazed to see what happens in my heart during prayer. I often have the impression that the answers to my questions all come at the same time when I start to pray. The peace of the Lord appears in us when everything is quiet and calm. I finally realize that prayer is the best way that the Son of God Jesus Christ gave us to enter into the spirit of God.

4- When to Pray: Finding a Time for Prayer

Take time to pray. No matter how you pray or to whom you pray, it can be difficult to find time to pray during busy times. One way to solve this problem is to make prayer part of your daily routine. For example, by praying as soon as you wake up in the morning, just before you go to bed or before each meal. There is no bad time to pray. Many people pray during emotional times, such as when they feel sad, afraid or happy. You can pray at any time of the day and as much or as little as you think is necessary for your spiritual life. Some people make it a goal to maintain a state of prayer all the time by remaining aware of their spiritual connection throughout the day. Practicing Jews pray 3 times a day (Shacharit, Minchah and Maariv/Arvith) and Muslims pray 5 times a day. Still others pray totally spontaneously when the mood takes them or on certain occasions. 

5- Places of Prayer

Find a good place to pray. You'll find that you can pray anytime and anywhere. It can be helpful to be in a place where the focus is on spirituality (such as a church or temple) or in a place where the environment reminds you of your spiritual connection (such as a natural setting or a place with a great view). You can choose to pray in the presence of others, or you can pray in private. For some religions, such as Buddhism, meditation is a standard form of prayer. Finding a place where you can calm down and feel connected to your spirituality is an equally respectable form of prayer. Whether it's outdoors in the snow or indoors in the warmth of your home, find your place of worship.

6- How to Pray: Prayer Position

What position to take on prayer? It depends on the belief you have, if any. Sometimes the physical expression of your thoughts can make the experience more complete. The position of people during prayer varies: sitting, kneeling, lying on the floor, hands folded tightly or raised, holding hands with others, head bowed, dancing, prostrating, etc. Some people even pray with their eyes open and others with their eyes closed. What is best for you? Some religions believe that one must face a certain direction during the act of prayer. If there is a spiritual place in your life, consider its place in relation to you.

7- Prayer Ritual

Depending on your belief you may have a way to prepare for prayer. You may find that it helps you get into the right frame of mind. Prepare yourself in the most comfortable and appropriate way. All over the world people wash themselves, ring bells, burn incense or paper, light candles, put themselves in an artificial environment or make the sign of the cross. Sometimes the preparation is led by someone else, such as a spiritual friend, a prayer group leader or a teacher of your beliefs. It can take place within minutes (such as washing or making the sign of the cross) or it can last for days or even weeks (in the case of fasting).

Many religions take your appearance into account. Some clothes are considered appropriate or inappropriate for prayer meetings. If for some reason you find your current attire distracting, choose a presentation that reminds you more of yourself and your spirituality.

Some people end or close the prayer with a particular word, phrase or gesture, or simply by standing or sitting silently for a minute or two, or by saying "Amen". You will know when your prayer is over. Withdraw, still thoughtfully, from your position or workplace and continue your day, a little more spiritually than before. 

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