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Meaning of Cross Necklaces

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Sacred and trendy, Cross Necklaces are above all jewels whose meaning lies in the human soul of the wearer. More than simple decorative accessories, the jewels of Jesus' cross are objects of great value holding in each of them the whole spirit of Christianity.

Throughout history, there have been many variations of the cross, each with historical and cultural significance. In addition to being a sacred good luck charm, they all contain within them the admirable power of the heavens from God. 😌 Today, we will put an end to the mystery and find out what the Cross Necklace means!

1) The Cross: Religious Symbol

We see the sign of the cross on the bell towers of a church, hung on the wall of a religious house, worn around the neck or on a ring. However, many do not know what the use of the cross really means. 🤔 There is also much debate about whether or not it is appropriate to wear religious jewellery. Like cross necklaces or crucifix necklaces for example. We will come back to this later.

The use of the Latin cross, orthodox, Celtic, or other, comes first of all from the search to feel closer to the son of God Jesus. The pendant of the cross is mainly worn with a leather, steel, silver or gold chain around the neck by many religious Christians. This so that she and those who wear her may be blessed by the Holy Spirit.

To understand whether or not the carrying of the cross is acceptable to Christians, we must understand the history of the cross and what it really means. And more particularly what it means in our own lives.

Many consider the cross as a symbol of an instrument that reminds us of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, our beloved Savior for saving us. Because it was God's will and Jesus willingly went to the cross to take upon himself all the sins of the world. This is one of the primary reasons many people, religious or non-religious, carry our God's sacred pendant. Keep in mind, that by blessing the cross of Christ, God would watch over you wherever you are and protect you from the demon Satan! 🙏

2) Difference between Cross and Crucifix

The words Cross and Crucifix are often used interchangeably, so it is important to focus on them in order to understand the meaning of each of these two terms. Especially when you want to wear one of these beautiful jewels. Both crosses and crucifixes are signs of faith and are carried by many Christians and non-Christians for personal and cultural reasons.

3) Meaning of Different Cross Necklace

A- Cross Necklace

The Latin Cross is a simple cross that does not bear the figure of Jesus Christ crucified. This cross is the most widespread religious symbol of Christianity in the world. Indeed, this cross is mainly worn around the neck, inside or outside her clothes. It is used to highlight the resurrection of Jesus since the cross is not represented by the sculpture of Christ. Just like this sublime Cross Pendant Necklace with the pendant in question.

B- Necklace Jesus Cross (crucifix)

The Crucifix Cross, which can also be called the cross of Jesus, is a powerful symbol representing Jesus who died on the cross. The image of the body of Christ on the cross is used to represent his sacrifice in order to redeem humanity. Many Christians, especially Catholics, wear this cross on their necklaces to purify their souls and thank our Lord for his abandonment on the cross. The word "crucifix" is an abbreviation of crucifixion. This was the term used by the Romans when they had a criminal hostage and he had to nail him to a wooden cross to punish him.

C- Celtic Cross Necklace

Also called the nimbus cross, the Celtic Cross is a symbol that characterizes Celtic Christianity. This representation of the cross first appeared on the island of Ireland in the early Middle Ages. After the arrival of the Celts in 500 BC, this magnificent symbol with several models of crosses spread throughout the Irish landscape.

The construction of the Celtic cross features a traditional cross accentuated by a circle around the intersection of the arms and stem. Subject to many different interpretations, the Celtic Cross is considered a representation of the knowledge, strength and compassion to manage the ups and downs of life. The four arms of the cross are considered representative of the four directions of the compass and the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. It commemorates in the representation of our mind, our soul, our body and our heart. The central ring of the Celtic cross refers to the symbol of infinite love. It is a symbolism of the endless love given to God.

The Celtic Cross is rich in a powerful representation and perfectly reflects the hopes and ambitions of the Celts. For this reason, our team has made sure to pay tribute to this Christian cross by sharing with you our Celtic Cross Necklaces. Each piece of these wonderful necklaces is dedicated to ensuring the image of the Celtic cross thanks to the precision and detail they have been designed with!

D- Orthodox Cross Necklace

The use of the Russian Orthodox Cross is widespread as the oldest and most revered mark of Orthodox Christianity. Due to its traditional design, a classical Orthodox cross is also known as the Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Greek, Byzantine or Eastern cross. It is considered an authentic symbol of the Orthodox faith.

One of the questions asked by all Christians, especially Catholics and Protestants, is why is the Orthodox Cross represented by three bars? To answer this question in a very precise and detailed way, we invite you to read our article on the Origin of the Orthodox Cross telling you the history and birth of this sublime Christian symbol.

The different models of the Orthodox Cross are symbols widely used to keep Christ's faith conditioned on oneself. There are a good number of Christians using this sacred pendant from Eastern Orthodoxy on their necklace. Man or woman, each of these crosses is a real accessory to keep close to oneself in order to always remain close to the Son of God. 🙇


4) Meaning Cross necklace sideways

A trend in religious jewellery that appears almost everywhere and among many female celebrities is the cross in a horizontal (lateral) position. This type of cross is connected to a steel, gold or silver chain at its upper and lower points. The cross is thus suspended horizontally on its side instead of vertically up and down. This pendant, especially found on necklaces, is a very popular contemporary trend of our time. Many people are wondering what this new symbol means. This jewel has several different interpretations that we will identify and that will also depend on who wears it. 👩👩🏽

A. Interpretation 1: Jesus carrying the Cross

The first interpretation preferred by women who wear this pendant on their necklace is that of Jesus carrying the Cross. If you notice carefully, Jesus did not carry the cross in an upright position, but in an inclined position. For many, this symbol recalls the sacrifice, pain and humiliation of our Lord. This allows us to remember Jesus' sacrifice and honour his courage.

B. Interpretation 2: God's Salvation

Many people see the horizontal cross as a symbol of Jesus saving his people when he arrived at the very top of the hill. As his work was finished, the cross was placed on the ground. He no longer had to bear the weight of the cross and therefore all the sins of his people. Unlike the inverted cross, the lateral cross has no negative connotations attributed to it regarding the Christian faith. It is entirely respectful to wear this cross on your necklace in order to increase your faith in Christ. 🙇♀️

C. Interpretation 3: Cult Form (Celebrity)

For some, lateral crossing is just a fashion trend. Indeed, the horizontal cross has been used extensively in fashion in recent years. It is taking on great importance in the world of jewellery. Spotted among many celebrities wearing the side cross as a sacred and elegant piece to wear. 

As stated above, the very definition of who will carry the horizontal cross may have a religious involvement that differs from one person to another. The side cross is a relatively new approach to this type of jewelry, and it is mainly due to celebrities that it has quickly gained popularity. 👸🏼

10) A Meaning that depends only on you!

Each of these wonderful necklaces, whether they are made of steel, silver, diamond or gold, will have to have a meaning depending on why we wear them. On the other hand, whether we all have our own relationship with God, the cross will always remind us of Jesus' love for saving us from all our sins. By carrying one of these Christian crosses you will join in Christ's work which is and always will be to share the sacred word of our Father. Participated in our mission and showed the rest of the world that Jesus is the Son of God and that he came to save us! 🤗

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