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Meaning of the christian cross

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The Christian cross is the main symbol of Christianity. Considered nowadays as the image of the gallows of Christ's crucifixion, its symbolism is older, and probably began with the use of the sign of the cross.

The cross means many things to many people. Some have it on their fingers, on a ring, others wear it around their neck. But what is the cross?

A- Make the link between the sign of the cross and the crucifixes 

From the age of 4, the child can understand that he became a child of God on the day of his baptism, when the priest drew a cross on his forehead. A cross, a sign of gratitude for all those who believe in Jesus, who died on the cross for love of men.

Children are often intrigued by monumental crosses, those encountered along a road or in a church: the "grown-ups with Jesus on them! "But how can we explain to a child the mysterious link between the sign of the cross and the cross on which Jesus exhales? And what if he asks, "But Jesus, is he dead or is he alive?"

B- The cross, a sign of death and love

This is the heart of Christianity. The cross is a sign of death, but it is also the sign of the love of Jesus who died on the cross, then rose from the dead to invite us to share with him the life of God!

But how can we transmit to young children that life can come from death or evil? It is very complicated for them to understand, as they are already asking themselves questions about the wickedness or violence they can sometimes experience, in the family or in the playground! And we have no other answer to give them than the one given by the Bible: God's covenant with humans, a sign of a love that can change everything.

C- The sign of the cross, a whole prayer

It is easier to understand why initiation to the sign of the cross is considered as the first step in the spiritual formation of toddlers during faith awakening celebrations. It is indeed precious to make them understand at a very young age that the sign of the cross is not a simple "hello Jesus" drawn in haste, but that it is already a prayer that brings together the essential part of the Christian faith. Thus, when the child accompanies his gesture with a sound "In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit", he puts himself entirely in the presence of a God unique in three persons, in a shared love.

To help the child to enter more easily into this process, why not say this prayer with him/her:

  • "In the name of the Father..." I hold my hand to my forehead. Father, you lay your hand on me.
  • "... and of the Son..." I carry my hand in my center. Son of God, you speak to my heart.
  • "... and of the Holy Spirit..." I'm holding my hand on my left shoulder. Spirit of God, you give my life a boost.
  • "Amen" I finally reach for my right shoulder. Lord our God, your presence envelops me entirely.

So many people look at the cross and yet keep their wounds, sufferings and past problems. They no longer belong to your back, Jesus took them from him. The blood shed on the cross would be the sign for the Angel of Death to "pass" the house of your sins, leaving those covered in blood safe. The debt is paid. Look at the cross and receive your salvation.

♱ Wear the symbol of Christ's love and sacrifice with you ♱

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