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Origin of the Christian Cross

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The Christian Cross is considered to be the first symbol of the Christian religion. The Cross is used in religious churches as the emblem of the instrument of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The shape of the Cross is found in various ways, passing through the Catholic cross ✞ , the Orthodox Cross ☦ , the Protestant cross 🕊 , the Celtic Cross 🕈 , or even the Maltese Cross ✙ different crosses are sharing sacred bonds that connect with the fundamental points of Christian history.

A) Origin of the Cross of Jesus

1. Forms of the Cross: the most famous

The Cross of Christ is a symbol of the instrument of crucifixion, where the Lord Jesus was crucified. In Christianity, a crucifix is a large cross with a three-dimensional representation of the body of Christ. The two most common forms present in the Christian religion are the Greek Cross and the Latin Cross. The shape of the Cross is specific to each of them. The Greek cross is a smaller cross than the Latin one. In the picture below, we can see the left Cross (Latin), which is larger than the right (Greek). 

2. Birth of the Christian Cross

The Cross became the Christian emblem and symbol from the 4th century onwards. Between the 4th and 5th centuries, the sign of the Son of God began to spread in religious buildings. It was only in the 6th century that the Cross gradually began to be used as an emblem of Christ. The two icons: God, the Father, and His Son Jesus Christ, were venerated by the holy sacred Cross in those times.

3. Jesus Carrying His Cross

Although the Cross took on this importance sometime after Jesus of Nazareth was crucified, it was in Jerusalem that it all began. For the Roman Empire, the Cross was a symbol of torture. Only the great robbers were crucified on the Cross of the curse! This Christian symbol, therefore, originated in the eyes of the people of Jerusalem. Pilate gave an order by sending his Roman soldiers to seek the Lord near his faithful apostles eating Jesus' last meal. It was imposed to carry the Cross to the top of Jerusalem hill;😧 This was the ultimate punishment of charity that Jesus went through to forgive all the sins of the world!

You will be impressed to see this Statue of Jesus bearing the old Cross with a perfect sculpture of Christ carrying the Cross where he was crucified!

4. The Use of the Ancient Cross: The First Christians

The Holy Cross, as a Christian symbol, has its roots in ancient paganism. The use of the Christian cross began after the Constantine era, which took place three centuries after the coming of Christ. The crucifixion and death of Jesus on the Cross has given a new meaning to the use of the Cross in Christianity. Before Jesus' resurrection, the Cross was used privately by the First Christians. Its purpose was limited. After Constantine's death, the use of the Cross was recognized as a religious symbol.

5. The Great Message of the Cross


There are cases where the veneration of the cross symbol may be more present, moving from one religion to another. But in most churches, almost all of them worship the Cross of Christ as the glorious symbol of Jesus who delivered us from all our sins. Even if some Christians worship the Cross more than others, as in Catholicism, for example, this does not remove the fact that the Cross is a Sign of Wisdom. A man who gave his holy soul to hell to deliver us from our sins to transmit to us the right word of God. Who by his deed was sent into the abyss of the cemetery and left the grace of God, rose again three days later when he arrived from heaven. The death of Christ and the resurrection of Jesus then became a historical moment until that day! 


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B) Pre-Christian Cross

1. Origin of the Pre-Christian Cross

A vast body of evidence shows that Jesus' Cross was used centuries before Christianity was born. The Cross is thought to have originated from the Babylonians of antiquity before it spread to other parts of the world such as Syria, Egypt, Greece, Latin, India, and Mexico. The pre-Christian Cross was used as a Religious Symbol and as an ornament. It was used by Egyptians, Syrians, Greeks, Persians, Europeans, and some parts of Africa. The use of the pre-Christian Cross was, therefore, universal. In many cases, its use was generally linked to a form of worship.

2. The Forms of the Pre-Christian Cross

The pre-Christian Cross existed in two forms: the tau cross and the fylfot or swastika cross.

The heathens first used the tau cross. Christians then adopted it in Egypt, where its use has become commonplace. For this reason, the tau cross is sometimes called the Egyptian Cross.

C) Christian Cross Universal Symbol

1. Cross in the Churches

The use of the Cross as a Christian symbol is universally practiced. Churches, whether Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant, have crosses placed, carved, or drawn on the doors, windows, and walls of their religious buildings. The Cross will forever remain an important symbol of the life of Jesus and an emblem venerated by all Religious in the Churches.

2. The Acts of the Apostles: According to Luke

The History of the Christian Church begins in the biblical book of the Acts of the Apostles. Indeed, it provides an accurate historical record of the early church. Luke is credited with being the author of this book, and perhaps no other book in the Bible provides so many tests confirming the legitimacy of the epistles. The book is entitled ''The Acts of the Apostles''. It is so named to cover the dispersion of the disciples to preach thGospelel of Jesus and the establishment of the first Christian church in Antioch and beyond. Luke writes about the ascension and growth of the church in Jerusalem after Christ's ascension. It sets out the theological lessons, Peter's sermon (chapter 2), and living examples of the work of the Holy Spirit from the day of Pentecost. This evangelization, inspired by the Spirit, spread from Jerusalem to Rome and throughout the Roman Empire. It was a critical moment that saw the birth of more Christians worshipping the right word of God and the Cross of Jesus!

3. The First Christian Missionaries

The first missionaries in the history of the Christian church understood: Peter, James, John, Andrew, Philip, Thomas, Bartholomew, Matthew, James (son of Alphaeus), Simon, Matthias, Barnabas, and Mark. These disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit, and there was a new sense of commitment boldly fulfilled. Paul, Timothy, and Barnabas, and others were soon added. All of them, except John, were brutally persecuted and faced painful deaths under torture for transmitting God's message and Jesus Christ's sacrifice on the Cross!

4. Evangelization of the Nations

Over the centuries, God sent disciples, apostles, and missionaries to spread thGospelel and establish new churches where they had never heard of Jesus and his sacrifice. Without the vigorous efforts over the centuries of people such as Patrick, John Wyclif, Martin Luther, Billy Graham, and many others, the magnitudes would not have been brought to Christ's knowledge. Countless Christians throughout history have been persecuted and died as martyrs because they stood by their faith in Christ. There are names like Steven, Ignatius, Polycarp, Joan of Arc, and thousands of others. Christian persecution still exists today in countries such as China, Zaire, and Sudan. But the praise of Christianity and the Christian Cross flourishes thanks to the unshakable faith of God's servants and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

5. The Christian Truth

Jesus Christ did not come to earth to found a religion, but to open the way to a personal relationship with God. He came to atone for the sins of mankind (John 3:16-17) and to teach his disciples to go out into the world to share this message of salvation. Through the obedience of the disciples' teaching through Judea to the Samaritans and then to the Gentiles, the good news of Jesus spread quickly. The crucifixion of Jesus on the Cross was one of the most widely used symbols to mark the history of Christ; This has allowed God's message to continue to flourish and to become an unchanging truth in the eyes of humanity!

D) The modern use of the Christian Cross 

1. Jewelry of the Christian Cross

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