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Top 10 Christian Ring & Christian Necklace

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Rings and Necklaces in the image of the Christian Cross are unique jewels sharing the sacred bonds of Christianity. Male or female, young or old, Catholic or Christian, this range of jewellery seduces as much as it appeals! Designed to glorify our God who lives in heaven, these accessories all have a unique identity of their own, seeking to worship the Holy Spirit. The credo of the Croix Chrétiennes boutique: to continue to innovate without altering the very essence of these religious jewels!

Here is our ranking of the Best Representations of Christian Cross Rings and Necklaces for the year 2019  :

1- Christian Cross necklace (Latin)

This sacred necklace is like the Latin Cross, also known as the crux ordinaria. It is the most common symbol of Christianity with the Greek cross. It is intended to represent the redemptive martyrdom of Jesus when he was crucified on the cross in the New Testament. ✞

Resistant to chlorine and water, this stainless steel Christian Cross necklace has the ability to keep the shine of steel intact so that it can always shine. This cross is the perfect representation of the Latin cross, cross with a descending arm longer than the horizontal bar. A perfect jewel to keep the holy spirit close to you. 

2- Orthodox Cross Necklace  

Called under the name of the Russian cross, Slavic cross, or Orthodox cross, this gilded steel necklace is a perfect representation of the Russian Orthodox Cross. This collar is very resistant to chlorine and keeps its bright gold colour even after being soaked in water. Each of the bars of the Orthodox cross has a meaning. Passing through the shortest upper bar which represents the inscription of the name of Jesus of Nazareth, the king of the Jews who in Latin calls himself "Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum". Then there is the bar in the middle where the wounds were implanted on Christ. Finally, the lower bar is generally oblique, placed near the foot representing Jesus' footrest (in Latin, suppedaneum). ☦

This Orthodox Cross Necklace is the doctrine of the Russian Orthodox religion because of the precision of the separations of the three bars but also because of the divine power that emerges on this sacred jewel. 🙇

3) Jerusalem Cross Ring 

This magnificent Jerusalem Cross Ring is in the image of the Jerusalem Cross also known as the Crusaders' Cross. A unique silver-coloured stainless steel ring. 
The Jerusalem Cross carved on this sacred ring was the symbol of the Crusader kingdom of Jerusalem, which existed for nearly two hundred years after the first crusade. It is said that the four small crosses symbolize the four books of the Gospel. These are the four directions in which the Word of Christ has spread from Jerusalem. Alternatively, the five crosses can symbolize the five wounds of Christ during the Passion. A sacred religious jewel to keep the Lord's light close to you and be protected by the Holy Spirit! 🛡️

4- Celtic Cross Necklace

The Celtic Cross Necklace, which can be called a nimbed cross, is shown to you in a necklace format with a silver-coloured chain. This cross is widespread in Ireland and, to a lesser extent, in Great Britain, in churches and cemeteries. It is essentially represented by a Greek or Latin cross, with a circle surrounding the intersection of the column and the crossbar.

The size of the Celtic cross pendant is a reflection of what it conveys: 5.2 cm with a very detailed design on the steel cross identical to the original Celtic Cross! 🕈


5- Cross Crucifix Necklace (inri)

The Crucifix Cross is in the image of Jesus Christ hanging on a cross that was for years a Roman practice called''crucifixion''. The slow death on the cross was reserved for true robbers and criminals. It is mainly used in Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran and Eastern Orthodox churches (cross with the three bars). It underlines Christ's sacrifice by the crucifixion for the forgiveness of the sins of the world.

This Crucifix Cross Necklace with Jesus Crucified was designed in memory of our God who gave his life for us so that we could find him again and live eternally with him. This unique and symbolic necklace is intended to be for those who seek the Christian faith from Christ while remaining close to Jesus. 🙏

6 - Maltese Cross Ring

An eight-pointed Cross in the form of four elements each joining the others at its top, leaving the other two points symmetrically spread outwards. This cross has been associated with the Order of St. John since the Middle Ages. The Maltese Cross was shared with the traditional hospital knights and the military sovereign order of Malta, and by extension with the island of Malta. ⚔️

This sublime Maltese Cross Ring was designed as a tribute to its soldier monks and for those who wish to be protected by the soul of a knight of Jerusalem. This sacred jewel has been meticulously forged in gilded stainless steel so that the color of the gold face emerges from the cross of the one who will wear it. Its gold-plated tinted colour is designed to preserve its shiny appearance thanks to its

high resistance!

7- Hands Praying Necklace

Prayer is a dialogue with god. Jesus called his disciples to pray unceasingly, so that they would find, with the bible and the example of the saints, their own way of walking towards the father.

Always forgive your enemies, they’ll always hate you for it. The Praying hands necklace provides a symbol of the righteous and around your neck, protects you from your worst enemies.

8- Saint Benedict Cross Ring

Crux Sancti Patri Benedicti. Cross of our Father Saint Benedict. Crux Sancta Sit Mihi Lux! May the Holy Cross be my Light! No Draco Sit Mihi Dux. May the demon not be my leader. Vade Retro, Satana! Get out of here, damn it! No Suade Mihi Vana Mihi. Don't persuade me of your vanities. Sunt Mala Quae Libas. What you're offering is wrong. Ipse Venena Bibas! Drink your own venom!

On this ring was engraved the cross of st. Benedict, considered by catholics and orthodox as the patriarch of the monks of the west. This ring is particularly effective in repelling evil spirits and will provide protection to the wearer. 


9- God Save Us Ring

Long since the symbols depicted on Christian rings, consisting of letters and various emblems, were a brief expression of the dogma. The tradition of putting on the rings of the protective prayer "Save and Save" in Russia came from Byzantium together with the new religion and has survived to this day. Today, as in former times, the "Save and Save" ring is considered one of the main symbols of the Orthodox faith, comparable in meaning to the actual icons and crosses.

Decorated with a concise text of prayer, the product allows the believer to turn to God at any time and remember spiritual values.


10- Jesus Ring

Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for us, with courage, humility and character. Carry on your finger the symbol of this sacrifice with this first quality religious ring. The name of Jesus is finely engraved between two Christian crosses in a modern and elegant style. Carry all the love of Christ on your finger and be protected at every moment of your day.

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