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What Is The Difference Between Christian, Catholic, Protestant And Orthodox?

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The most important religion in the world is Christianity. It is widely represented with about one in three people on the planet. Widely spread throughout the world, Christianity is the leading religion in 164 countries out of 237, through three different categories of churches: Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox.

Three specific Churches

The Catholic Church is recognized as the largest with nearly a billion people, one sixth of the world's population. It considers itself to be the true Church of Christ represented on earth, and by extension the oldest. The belief of Catholics establishes the Pope as the representative of Christ on earth, a belief that unites them. The Protestants followed with about 720 million people.

This Church includes Lutherans, Baptists, Evangelicals, Anglicans, Pentecostals, Methodists, Reformed, Presbyterians, Independent Charismatics, Adventists, and many others, with the exception of the Mormons and Jehovah's witnesses. Finally, the Orthodox Church, the largest group with an association of 19 independent secondary churches, most of which are represented mainly in Eastern Europe, but with members all over the world.


Fundamental differences

The Orthodox Church is the one that comes closest to what the first Christians were. Orthodox are thus in principle different from Catholics through the Filioque. A basic principle distinguishes Orthodox from Catholics: the filioque (the theological rupture that, since the 8th century, has opposed the Roman and Greek Churches regarding the dogma of the Trinity.

It is this which will lead to the separation of the Churches of the East and the West). Indeed, for the first Christians and therefore for the Orthodox, the Holy Spirit emanates from the father. The Catholic Church, for its part, added the son, specifying that the Holy Spirit emanates from the father and the son. A heresy for the Churches of the East, hence their separation in 1054. The Protestant Church, which does not recognize any saint, let alone Mary, represents the greatest difference between the other two churches.

Protestants believe that these people are certainly models of faith, but they cannot under any circumstances intercede between God and men.

Deeper differences between these churches

Catholics believe in the Virgin Mary the Immaculate Conception, while Protestants see in her a woman blessed, exemplary and chosen by God as the mother of the Messiah and virgin only until the birth of Jesus.

The Protestant Church does not accept devotion to relics or representations, which it considers idolatry, but instead places spiritual elevation at the centre through direct prayer to "God the Father". Celibacy is not imposed as in the Catholic Church and pastors are more advisors than mediators. Orthodoxy, on the other hand, proclaims itself as the oldest Church and the only one that has remained faithful to the apostles' teachings.

The differences are sometimes very profound within these churches themselves, due to the different fragmentations, hence some similarities. Thus evangelical Protestants consider the Bible to be inspired by God, believe in the existence of a paradise, a hell and a devil and fundamentally believe in the resurrection of Christ. A rapprochement with the Catholic Church.

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